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SBS Bus and Bus Stop, Singapore

Singapore has double-decker buses. Pretty cool. I remember seeing a tourist family board one, many years ago. The son, about ten years old, was really excited about going to the top level, but the father didn't allow him to. The son got pretty upset. 

There are bus stops about every 300 meters, almost anywhere in Singapore. The bus service is well run. There were a few separate bus companies, but were consolidated into the Singapore Bus Service (SBS). It's now called SBS Transit, because they run some light rail (LRT) systems too. Probably dropped the whole "bus" thing from their name so the full name is just SBS Transit, for all I know.

Until a few years ago, when the SMRT that runs the trains, got into the bus business too. I guess the government thought that competition would be good, after all. 

The signs on the metal post on the right, shows the service number of the buses stopping there. Underneath the bus stop, there are detailed route tables for all the services. All this information is kept up to date. I remember seeing a change in bus service at one bus stop. The new information was updated on the same day the service was changed.

  • Nikon D7000, 35mm f1.8
  • At f2 (I hate fractional f-stops), 1/2000 seconds, ISO 100
  • Auto white balance, center weighted metering, aperture-priority, auto ISO (didn't get a chance to trigger because this is in bright afternoon sunlight)
Driver's face is blocked by reflection on the windscreen. Ah well, you can't have everything. Huge advertisement plastered on the side, but you can't see what it is from this angle. What does work, is the two guys walking to the bus stop. Adds balance to the photo.