I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


Tired of mediocre photos of your annual dinners, conferences, parties and other special events?

Capture baptisms, graduations, anniversaries, milestone birthdays in the best possible light. Consider catering not just the food, but also the photography.

I want to thank you for being part of Jane & Craig's ROM ceremony. I feel so fortunate that you were able to be there to record a special moment in my life as a mother. I loved the personal style, the warmth and professionalism that you showed and maintained all through out the civil wedding ceremony. 

P.S. The pictures are oh so lovely! I loved looking at them again and again.

Our no-nonsense pricing

Clients pay for our time, skill and service. This means we charge by time, not according to the type of event.

Total costs are known up front, except for the price of prints (see below). There are no other hidden or variable costs such as a surcharge for additional reprints. Clients receive high resolution digital copies of the photos and rights to copy and print as many as they wish.

Full digital versatility is standard

Full use is made of the versatility of digital media. Softcopy of high resolution digital photos are delivered to clients.
  • Upload photos to Facebook.
  • View high-resolution photos on a large, bright computer screen or HD flat panel TV.
  • Copy an entire album containing hundreds of photos, and give to friends and family for less than a dollar: the price of a blank recordable CD or DVD.
  • Email full resolution photos to friends.
  • View "as good as new" softcopy photos decades from now - no fading, no scratches or dirt. 
Privacy assured 

We will not display clients' photos in public (for example, on our website photo gallery) without prior approval. Names, places, dates and other identifying information will also be kept confidential if so desired.

Prints not included
As the number of photos cannot be known until after the event has been photographed, the cost of prints is not included. A safe average is 25 to 100 photos every hour of the event.

Digital SLRs are used, therefore "negatives" are essentially free as the memory cards are erased and reused. There is no practical limit to the number of photos taken (enough memory is carried to take a few thousand), only how many are chosen to be printed.

Cost of prints is just the photo lab cost (typically $25 for 100 x 4R, or $100 for 400 x 4R), we do not charge on top of that. Clients are free to make their own prints at the photo lab of their choice, whether now or additional copies ten years later. Clients have the flexibility of purchasing their own album from any shop they prefer.

Custom printing in a darkroom, by the photographer, is no longer required:
  • Touch-ups and editing of photos is now done on the computer (by us), before printing.
  • Print quality from modern neighbourhood photo labs is excellent

Pricing is simply based on the number of hours and type of event (due to different workload).

The standard price includes:
  • No fixed limit to number of photographs.
  • Delivery of high resolution photos on DVD, suitable for printing.
There are no hidden charges for transportation or anything else.

While prints are not included in the price, note that we do deliver full resolution digital photo files, and do not charge for making copies. We believe that photos are best enjoyed when freely shared with family and friends - through DVDs, Facebook, email, websites, print albums.

Number of hours Birthdays and other private events Corporate events (Conferences, Exhibitions, Annual Dinner) Weddings (ROM, Actual Day)
1 $100 $100 $240
2 $200 $200 $240
3 $300 $300 $360
4 $400 $400 $480
5 $500 $500 $600
6 $600 $600 $720
7 $700 $700 $840
8 $800 $800 $960
9 $900 $900 $1080
10 $1000 $1000 $1200
Full Day $1000 $1000 $1320

We are unfortunately unable to provide pre-wedding photography services.

Cost Calculation

Taking the following into account, our prices are very reasonable:
  • Photographic equipment valued at over $6000 is used for most assignments. This includes a full-frame Nikon DSLR. Daily rental cost for the equipement, would be $300 (luckily, we own our own equipment but we still need to recover the cost). 
  • Every hour of photography needs to be followed by at least two hours of editing for the photos. The entire album is reviewed at least five times in the course of editing.

Value proposition

We offer:
  • Non-intrusive, natural, informal photojournalistic style
  • No fixed limit to number of photos (average is 100 photos per hour)
  • Unlimited sharing of photos with family and friends - no charge for copies
  • Privacy - no use of photos on our website without permission
  • Simple hassle-free pricing structure
  • Amazing sense of humour 
View our portfolio ( http://sgsnaps.blogspot.com/p/gallery.html ) for examples of our work.

    Our family and us are very impressed with the result. They're fabulous and wonderful pictures! You have successfully brought us the best work we can imagine, even under far than perfect conditions and with so short notice and preparation. Thanks again!"

    - Alex and Arie.