I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


People's Park Complex, Singapore

  • Nikon D80, Sigma 20mm f1.8
  • At f5.6, 1/350 seconds, ISO 100
  • Center weighted metering, aperture priority
  • Increased fill light using Picasa
This is along Eu Tong Sen street, Chinatown.

Photo shows the top part of the People's Park Complex, the apartment blocks. The building looks cooler this way, without the shopping center below. Actually looks more like Hong Kong than Singapore: I'm thinking of the music video sequence in the Ghost in the Shell anime.

Walked down the street, taking photos every 10 meters or so, to get the best angle. About 6pm. Lots of light, so I set ISO 100 and f5.6 aperture priority and let the camera set the shutter speed on center-weighted metering.

Turned out a bit under-exposed because is sort of back-lit by the sky. Had to adjust a bit in Picasa.

The three-part composition theory holds (you need at least three main items of interest in a photo). The building makes up two parts: the green staircases are one part, and the yellow walls are the other. The sky is colorful enough to be the third. Now imagine if the whole building was painted yellow. Not as striking, right?

The hyacinthus blog has more information on the building.