I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


Refrigerated Delivery Truck, Singapore

  • Nikon D7000, 34mm f1.8
  • At f2, 1/60 seconds, ISO 125
  • Auto white balance, center weighted metering, aperture-priority, auto ISO (set to trigger at 1/60 seconds, which explains the fractional ISO)

This is a refrigerated delivery truck. Love the colors. Found it parked in a residential area at 7pm. The driver probably lives nearby and had knocked off for the day. For a more traditional design, take a look at this rice delivery truck.

I can still remember back in school, seeing a pink truck in the driveway of a house near the school, almost every day. Some puppy shampoo company van. 

The truck says:
Cultured Greens
We care for your wellness
Processed & Packed for your Convenience.