I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


One Raffles Quay

New high rise office building in the middle of the financial district. There are two towers (North and South), connected by a plaza. The towers are placed at an angle to each other, which makes for an interesting photo. The north tower on the left, is 50 storeys high. The south tower on the right is 29 storeys high.  

This was at 8pm on a weekday night. Looks like people here work too hard. Orange spot at the bottom right is an out-of-focus raindrop on the lens, catching light from a streetlamp. 


  • Nikon D600, 28-300mm f3.5-5.6
  • At 28mm, f4, ISO 1600, 1/15 seconds
  • Manual exposure, center-weighted metering, auto white balance
  • Picasa: Fill light
Manual exposure for easy control, set maximum aperture and slowest safe shutter speed, then increase ISO until the exposure is correct (check on the LCD playback). This way you get highest image quality by using the lowest possible ISO. Use Picasa's fill light feature to brighten up the dark walls a bit.