I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


Aerial View of Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is a residential estate, considered prime real estate because of its proximity to the city center.

You can see Suntec City in the background on the left (Millenia Tower), Furama Hotel on the right (sloped, dark building), Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel in the center. Pink, yellow and blue buildings are government HDB apartments.

  • Nikon D7000, 18-105mm f3.5-5.6
  • At 80mm, f8, ISO 100, 1/125 seconds
  • Manual exposure, center-weighted meter, auto white balance
  • Picasa: Straighten, auto contrast
Auto exposure would have worked but I was already at manual because another scene was backlit by the sky, so I already had the correct exposure dialed in. Stopped down a bit to f8 for depth of field.