I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


Pan Pacific Hotel

One of the more well-known hotels in Singapore, near Suntec City. The vertical grooves on the side of the building are tracks for the external glass lifts (elevators). I was wondering why I didn't see any lifts move, and then I found out that the hotel was under renovation: 

  • Nikon D7000, 18-105mm f3.5-5.6
  • At 18mm, f8, ISO 100, 1/750 seconds
  • Aperture priority, center-weighted metering, auto white balance
  • Picasa: Auto contrast
To make a photo of a building more interesting, try to include something in the foreground. The spiral on the left is about 20 to 30 feet tall, a sculpture in the middle of a small traffic roundabout, quite far from the hotel.

It's okay to photograph buildings in bright sunlight, as long as the sun is behind you. This photo was taken at 12:30pm. The blue sky won't fool the camera's light meter and cause over-exposure as long as there aren't too many clouds, so you can use auto-exposure without any worries.

Aperture priority because with so much light, the shutter speed won't have much effect on the photo (speed will be high, no matter what). Set lowest ISO (100) for highest image quality, then intermediate aperture (f8) for maximum optical quality (too big and you get optical aberrations, too small and you get diffraction).