I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


PAP Election Rally at Choa Chu Kang Stadium

I'm estimating 5,000 people, less than half a football field. People brought their kids, took photos of them, like it was a family outing. I think many were just curious. Supposed to start at 7pm but most people came later. Actually started at 7:45 and lasted for two hours. Maybe 1/4 of the people left before 9pm.

I asked a policeman there if I could take photos. He said yes, "for personal use." So I asked if it was okay to post the photos on the Internet. He smiled and said that he had no authority to say, and walked away.

You can just make out parts of the PAP's (People's Action Party) logo on the flags, in case you were thinking that this was a crowd from another event and that I was making the whole story up.
  • D7000, 35mm f1.8
  • At f4, ISO 800, 1/125 seconds
  • Manual exposure, center-weighted metering, auto white balance
  • Picasa: Crop, auto contrast
Had to hold the camera above my head to get a good overview shot. Found out that it is harder to hold the camera steady this way. Normally 1/60 seconds is good enough but I had to go to 1/125. Stopped down to F4 for increased depth of field. Luckily it was bright, so I only had to go to ISO 800.