I'm a Singapore event photographer; specializing in corporate events, weddings and birthday parties.


Old Shophouses Along Pagoda Street, Chinatown

  •  Nikon D80, Sigma 20mm f1.8.
  • At 20mm, f8, 1/30 seconds, ISO 100.
  • Aperture priority, center weighted metering, auto white balance.
  • Picasa: Auto contrast, fill light, warmify, graduated tint fake purple sky
This part of Chinatown is quite touristy and heavily renovated, but just walk down a bit and you can find some authentically run-down shops that cater to locals. The buildings that are not painted in bright colors, are the real thing. 

Escalator in the middle leads down to Chinatown MRT Station. Pagoda Street branches off from Eu Tong Sen Street, which is just behind the camera.

Tried a few different angles from left to right but the simple centered perspective here looks the best.